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Express TechnologyProduct Description

New! Express Technology

Transformative technology that allows fresh cut roses to keep fully hydrated and fed without having to recut the stems.

  • No recut on rose stem ends
  • 40 cm rose stem is a 40 cm rose stem
  • Eliminates processing steps to help reduce labor
  • Balanced formula lowers the pH and increases the speed of flower hydration
  • Helps reduce shipping costs with up to 5% less stem weight
  • Helps reduce harvest cycle
  • Helps reduce flower scrap from cuttings

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Product Videos

  • NEW! FloralifeĀ® Express Clear 200

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  • Floralife Express Clear / Clear ULTRA 200

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Product Sell Sheets

Title File  
Sell Sheet 96_Floralife_NewProducts.pdf Download
Express Clear Ultra 200, Product Sheet 96_Express_Clear_ULTRA_200_ProductSheet_51415.pdf Download
Express Clear Ultra 200, Test Results 96_Express_Clear_200_Prod_Research_2_19_2015.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Product Sell Sheet 96_Express200_ProductSheet_NA_81116.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Trial Instructions 96_SONAExpressClear200_TrialInstructions_10316.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Test Results 96_Express_Clear_200_ALL_flowers_product_research_1page_summary_032416.pdf Download
Express Universal 300 Product Sell Sheet 96_Floralife_ExpressUniversal300_NA_product_sheet_Liquid_92916.pdf Download
Express Universal 300 Product Sell Sheet Powder 96_Floralife_ExpressUniversal300_NA_product_sheet_Powder_92916 (1).pdf Download
Express Clear 300 Trial Instructions 96_SONAExpressUniversal300_TrialInstructions_10316.pdf Download
Express Universal 300 Test Results 96_NewProductResearch_ExpressUniversal300_NA_powder_91616.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Research Update 96_Express_Clear_200_ALL_flowers_product_research_01_2016.pdf Download

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