Storage and Transport Care

Storage and Transport CareProduct Description

Steps for Successful Shipping and Storage

Establish a care and handling protocol for your flowers during the flower chain and make sure all suppliers adhere to the protocol.

  • Hydration / Treatment
  • Feeding - Disease protection
  • Sanitation
  • Water quality control
  • Air quality
  • Humidity and temperature control

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Product Videos

  • TempChek Demonstration

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  • How to use EthylBlocâ„¢ Sachets in a flower box

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Product Sell Sheets

Title File  
Express Clear Ultra 200 Product Sheet 97_Express_Clear_ULTRA_200_ProductSheet_51415.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Product Sheet 97_Express200_ProductSheet_NA_81116.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Research 97_Express_Clear_200_Prod_Research_2_19_2015.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Research All Flowers 97_Express_Clear_200_ALL_flowers_product_research_1page_summary_032416.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Trial Instructions 97_SONAExpressClear200_TrialInstructions_10316.pdf Download
TempChek Product Sheet 97_Floralife_TempCheck_Sell_Sheet_21115.pdf Download
EthylBloc Truck Kits 97_EthylBloc_TruckKits_ProductSheet.pdf Download
Ethylene Research 97_FloralifeResearchUpdate_10_2013_DrNell_Roses_Ethylene (1).pdf Download
EthylBloc Research 97_FloralifeResearchUpdate_EthylBloc_August_2013.pdf Download
Transport Paper Product Information 97_FloralifeTransportPaper_product_sheet_40716.pdf Download
HydraPad Product Sheet 97_OGS_HydraPad_ProductSheet_110416.pdf Download
Express Clear 200 Research Update 97_Express_Clear_200_ALL_flowers_product_research_01_2016.pdf Download
HydraPad Sell Sheet 97_OASIS_HydraPad_SellSheet_71816.pdf Download
HydraPad Research 97_OGS_HydraPad_ResearchSheet_72716.pdf Download
eZ Dose Research Update 97_eZDose_Product_Research_2015.pdf Download

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